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Membership Plan

Tuam Falcons Hockey Club     -  REGISTRATION AND MEMBERSHIP


It is important to note that every person, player/coach/volunteer are required to be registered with Hockey Ireland (HI) as well as their individual club.  This will ensure they are covered by Hockey Ireland Personal accident insurance. 


 Therefore registration is a two step process which we hope, if you follow the steps below, will make it easier:

How to register:

To register as a Tuam Falcons Hockey Club member, please follow the two steps below:

Step one:

A player must first register with Hockey Ireland.  To do this, click in the link below and register:

Connacht Hockey Leagues - Hockey Ireland Gameday Registration

The cost will be €10 per player (Adult and Junior). 

Once registered, you will receive a HI registration number via email.  This number (MEXXXX) will be required to continue to register with Tuam Falcons Hockey Club.  If you have not registered with HI or the club before returning to training this season, players are training at their own risk and could be asked to stop training or leave the pitch area. 

Step two:

Once registered with HI, please click on the link below to register with Tuam Falcons Hockey Club: 

Tuam Falcons Hockey Club Membership forms

        Membership Prices 2023/24 Season        effectively  5 Euro per Week

               1 Player     - Term 1 : Sept 17 -> Dec 10 2023    = 60 Euro  [12 Weeks]

               2Players  - Term 1 : Sept 17 -> Dec 10 2023    = 100 Euro  [12 Weeks]


               1 Player    - Full Season 2023/24    = 100 Euro   [28 Weeks]

               2 Players - Full Season 2023/24    = 180 Euro  [28 Weeks]

               1 Player - Term 2 : Jan 10 -> May 5 2024    = 60 Euro   [16 Weeks]

               2 Player - Term 2 : Jan 10 -> May 5 2024    = 100 Euro   [16 Weeks]

Any issues with registration, please email

Thank You

Members Training Details

Training Venue:       

    St Pats Indoor Hall, Trinity Primary School, Galway

Training Day:

    Sunday, mornings between 10am - 1pm

Training Recommences (2023):

    Sunday 17th September

Training Times:       

     10 am - 11am       

           Players Born in 2013 - 2017 [U10]

     11 am - 12 Noon

         *Social Hockey - Players aged 15+

    12 Noon - 1 pm     

       Group A Born in 2010 - 2012 [U12]

       Group B Born in 2007 - 2009 [U14] 

All training sessions will be limited to 20 players maximum on the pitch

*The adult players will be moved to their own timeslot once more members join

The club committee reserve the right to refund the players in groups who apply for membership that  the club are unable to take in due to not enough players coming forward for that group.

Equally, the first 20 players to register will be deemed to have reached our quota and the club reserve the right to refund those who are above the quota entries.

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